Making in the museum (and other places...)

Rajesh Gogna, Miranda Sharpe and myself have been busy this summer pushing forward with the Regenerated project. We have been working collaboratively, sharing our making skills and discussing ideas with the ultimate aim to produce a new piece each to be sited within the factory environment at the Museum of the Jewellery Quarter. 

Our first aim was to develop four metal making sessions with a small group from Bishop Challoner School in Kings Heath. Our aim was to capture 'the mood of the museum' through drawing and metal test pieces. We initially working in the museum, using the factory as a direct visual resource to work from. We then moving to Rajesh's wonderful Jewellery-Silversmithing Design Academy were we able to use the facilities to experiment with enamelling, annealing, stamping, crinkling, doming and sawing copper to create a plethora of test pieces.

Here is a flavour of what we got up too...