Return of the Awk.

Life as a parent to a second child as inspired me to return to writing and drawing over the last year. Although time hasn't allowed me in the workshop, I have sneaked in the the odd musing and sketch. I've used my very first bird I ever created, the imaginary 'Awk'. Mrs Awk is usually a bit sleep deprived and often dominated by her baby birds... sound familiar? For more have a look on Instagram @cathymilessculpture


Storm in a Teacup

Here is 'Storm in a Teacup',  made for the afternoon tea area of a hotel in St. Andrews, Scotland. It is based on tea and the coastal waters surrounding St. Andrews. I hope to capture a sense of motion and playfulness, it measures 1.3m adding a wonderful sense of height. Each teacup is made of various layers of 'wave' to create texture and depth. The fish have been etched out of copper and brass to add a glimmer against the wirey pale grey. Photos by Graham Oakes



One Purple Goat.

I'm really pleased to be exhibiting as the Maker in Focus at New Ashgate Gallery this summer. Come and see some new work 24 June- 5 August 2017 at New Ashgate Gallery, Waggon Yard, Farnham  GU9 7PS

Please see www.newashgate.org.uk for further details...
To view sculptures for sale click here
photos: Graham Oakes


Inspired by the Galapagos...

Recently I've been investigating some unusual wildlife from the distant Galapagos Islands as part of an interesting commission. Perhaps one day I shall get there myself... meanwhile I will imagine a world of Blue Footed Boobies and Red Sally Lightfoot Crabs scuttling about and nesting away...


The pineapple

Did you know that in the Eighteenth Century pineapples were available to rent for the evening? A stark change from the £1 versions you find in Tescos. I love the history and optimism of pineapple cultivation in Britain through the ages so decided to celebrate with the construction of two sculptural pineapples. Suitably gold plated. 

These can be seen at Gallerie Handwork from 17th June 2016 as part of the 'Festive Summer' exhibition. 


Back to the shed...

In May I was back making in a shed in front of a gallery audience thanks to an invite to be included in a project called 'Shed Space' at Arts in the Old Fire Station, Oxford. This involved me working in residence within the shed, (which had a beautiful living roof) for the weekend. I also ran a workshop within the gallery for visitors and ran three wire sculpture sessions with Crisis members in the weeks prior. 

For my residency I decided to take inspiration from S. Tyzack and Son Ltd. 1908 catalogue, making wire tools taking reference from the beautiful old tool illustrations. This is the first time I have used illustration in such a direct way. I thought it was interesting how I ended up 'drawing' the wood grain, something I wouldn't usually do when looking at a real tool. 

There are different makers every Friday and Saturday working in the shed, till 2nd July 2016, for more information click here


New Normal

The last six months have had me surrounded by nappies, Nuby rings and the sound of baby Mozart rather than the usual hum of the welder the steady drifty tones of Radio 4. The birth of my daughter has introduced a wonderful dimension to my life and has created a natural pause. This has allowed me to reflect on what I have achieved and have a think about which new strands of work I would like to investigate.

In between attempting to fathom how mushed a carrot needs to be, a wonderful new book arrived through the post entitled 'Encore! The New Artisans' by Olivier Dupon. It is a beautiful publication profiling makers, their inspiration and working environments. I happen to be featured in the book which I am really excited about!